About Us

Our Team

  • Ian Brown

    Ian founded his own landscape design firm in 2002 and has prospered over the years through the design and management of high end properties in the western suburbs of Boston. Ian lives in Walpole. His landscape design company is located on South Street, also the home for the Agora Greens container. Ian's firm has grown from a one man operation and a single pickup truck to now employing 12 field techs and an office staff. His expertise in hardscape, irrigation, design, and maintenance has rapidly brought the firm to the forefront of the industry.

  • David Pendergast

    After 30 years in the investment business, David founded a company called Agora Gardens, which designs and builds organic raised bed vegetable gardens for corporations as a human resource benefit for company employees. David and his wife Elizabeth live on a small “farm” in Walpole and manage a very large organic garden, a prosperous chicken coop and a couple of half crazy Jack Russell terriers!

Who We Are

  • Agora Greens is an energetic young company that grows a variety of lettuces and herbs through an advanced hydroponic system. Founders Ian Brown and David Pendergast have placed a “Freight Farm” shipping container on their site in Walpole, MA. which can produce an enormous amount of lettuce every day of the year, even in the dead of winter when outside temperatures drop to well below zero.

  • The “leafy greens” that Agora Greens produce takes place inside a 40’ shipping container that has been retro fitted into a high production and high technology growing machine. At one time the container was used to ship frozen meat around the world, but when the refrigeration unit breaks, which is not uncommon when subjected to the rigors of countless ocean crossings, the shipping companies simply discard the containers and purchase new ones. This where the Freight Farm Co. steps in and recycles the huge containers. You can learn more about this Boston based company at www.freightfarms.com.

  • Both Ian and David are true “foodies” at heart and understand the need for sustainable, organic and long term solutions to food production around the world. Gone are the days when tasteless iceberg lettuce made up nearly 90% of the market. Bambi, Butterhead, Romaine, Arugula, Kale, etc are all staples of the Agora Green hydroponic system. Try their organic, local, and farm fresh leafy greens, delivered within hours of harvest all year round, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Our Growing Philosophy