Our Growing Philosophy

  • Agora Greens is a young and energetic outfit. Within our Leafy Green Machine, there are 260 hanging towers out of which we can produce 5,000 heads of lettuce every couple of months. One of the benefits we enjoy is flexibility. We work closely with every customer to meet their demands regarding quality, price and reliable delivery schedules.

  • Since opening our farm, we have learned that a good way to efficiently meet our customer expectations, is to cordon off a section of the container and dedicate it to one customer alone. Rather than harvest different lettuces and herbs from around the four quadrants of the LGM, it may be better to section off 75 towers for just one restaurant, store, country club, etc. and grow exclusively in those towers for each customer.

  • Above all else however, we are focused on QUALITY! Winter, spring, summer and fall, we strive to make sure every head of lettuce we produce is consistently fresh, clean and loaded with flavor. It also goes without saying that SUSTAINABLE and LOCAL lie at the heart of our business.