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While these are the primary products we are growing right now, one of the advantages of our hydroponic container is our ability to experiment with all types of plants. We are more than happy to try new things, just ask!

  • Wildlife Mix

    A colorful blend of Red Oak Leaf, green and red Romaine, and mini Bambi heads, this mix is great for sandwiches and salads and garnishes.

  • Sparx Romaine

    Dense heads with long hearts… a flavorful green mini romaine.

  • Rex Lettuce

    Rex is the perfect hydroponic lettuce. Slow to bolt with long tower life that produces a soft tasteful head of beautiful fluffy green leaves.

  • Red Oak Leaf

    Burgundy colored leaves make this an attractive addition to any salad. Very tasty, but also known for its high content of vitamins A and K.

  • Basil

    Genovese Basil has large 3” dark green leaves with a stunning aroma, appearance and flavor. Super popular with many applications in the kitchen.

  • Bambi

    Mini heads of beautiful consistent green leaf lettuce. Wonderful smooth texture, taste and long life in the fridge.

  • Kale

    We grow all types of Kale including Red Russian Kale which is very popular right now.

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